NWA PAC Members

The NWA PAC was reassembled after a brief period in early 2015.  Each contributing member chose to contribute their personal funds to help our friends on Capitol Hill to succeed.  The members in good standing are listed below and determine what candidates or legislators to support during each election cycle.  Consider joining us, and helping our team to make a difference.

Josh Bailey
Brad Johnston Art Perry
Nowell Borders Wayde Kirschenman Ron Perry
Mark Browning John Lapide TJ Runyan
Jordan Carter Buddy Leger Arthur Saikhon
Rich Chastain Greg Leger Jack Schmidt
Mark Collins Greg Long Kelly Tyner
John Corsaro Chandler Mack  Hamilton Dicks
Craig Mathis
Dan Van Groningen John Gee
Dennis Mouzin Ray Vincent Bob Gibson
Ramon Murillo Jesse Wiggins Don Hiller
Steve Nichols Al Wroten Mike Horrall
Paul Nuzzo Lee Wroten Carr Hussey
Bradley O'Neal Jim Zaferis  Bob Morrissey