A Needed Change of Venue
 A Message from our Executive Director


Hello Friends:

From the earliest weeks and months of the coronavirus pandemic, the NWA has strived to keep our members’ safety top-of-mind while we navigate through the unknowns of COVID-19.  Keeping our members safe when we gather is paramount to our efforts, and that assurance will continue. 

Following a series of reviews with numerous professionals, a legal review of the New York City vaccine mandate, and a one-day member survey with an overwhelming majority ‘unwilling’ to go to NYC, it became perfectly clear that we had to take action. 

The city-wide mandate will not allow over half of our attendees to access the convention space, which required us to seek a new location outside of New York City.  While this move may disappoint some of our members, it is necessary and prudent to allow the NWA to be able to hold a ‘complete’ convention with access to all.     


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