February 20-26, 2023
Omni Grove Park Inn
Asheville, North Carolina


 Remembering a Comic Legend: Gallagher


I first met (Leo) Gallagher a decade ago - about one year before we hired him to perform at our 2013 NWA convention In San Antonio.  He was born and raised in Tampa, Florida to parents that owned a roller-skating rink, where he began to develop his skating skills that he used widely throughout his career.  His prowess as a professional watermelon smasher came at a date later on. From that 2013 national convention there are two distinct memories that remain with me as special memories that I will hold on to for many years to come.  I witnessed Gallagher giving comedic advice to the George W. Bush impersonator (John C. Morgan), which was both enlightening and inspiring. 

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DOL Updates H-2A Visa Program for Farmworkers

The U.S. Department of Labor issued new regulations amending the H-2A agricultural guestworker visa program, making changes to how prevailing wages are formulated, modernizing how the application and certification process is conducted, and improving standards for employment conditions.  The final rule—stemming from a proposed rule by the Trump administration in 2019—will go into effect Nov. 14.

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Many Reasons .... So We Broke Them Down to a Top Ten!

Here are the top ten reasons why this upcoming national convention is more important than any in recent memory:
#10 ….. It’s all about Fellowship; being together to kick off another domestic season while the import season ramps up for a triumphant ending.
#9 ….. The Spa at the Omni Grove Park Inn is one of the best rated spas in the world.  Only hotel guests are admitted with a reservation to this incredible venue.
#8 ….. The Arnold Mack Memorial Golf Tournament will take place at the Donald Ross designed course at the base of Sunset Mountain.  You won’t believe the layout, the design, the elevation changes and the beauty that golf has to offer.

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DOL Offers two Public Listening Sessions – H-2A Rule


The USDOL intends to engage in additional rulemaking concerning the H-2A visa program for temporary agricultural employment of foreign workers. The Department will consider new ways to support worker voice and promote employer accountability. They are eager to hear from stakeholders that represent diverse interests and perspectives. 


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