A Message From Our Executive Director

During this pandemic crisis we have all been affected in more ways than even a Hollywood producer might imagine, and the timing is not the best.  The harvest in the deep south is beginning; there are thousands of H2-A workers in line to get visas and cross the border, and there is a great deal of work yet to be done for the new season (harvest).  But this time, while trying to many of us, will be an experience that we will learn from, overcome, and get the job done.  

A fundamental mission of associations is to support its members, and be the calm & sound voice of the industry in good times (and in bad).  It is the bad times when the need is usually greatest.  This industry has been through bad times before, and we’ve seen it come out on the other side – sometimes the better.  We are being tested, albeit with an enemy (COVID-19) that is setting a minefield of challenges that we have never experienced before.

Please be assured …… the National Watermelon Association is on the job working diligently on the issues while staying on top of the business and focused on the higher priorities.  Maybe we should feel sorry for those that have chosen to not join the NWA – for they do not have the support that you do.  That is your advantage.  And finally, it is our honor to serve you and be of service each and every day.  I truly believe that we will get through this period and anxiously look forward to watching as we begin to see the creation of whatever the new NORM may become.   Be safe, and be blessed.

Bob Morrissey, Executive Director