Allen Lund Transportation Association Program (TAP)

Since 1976, the Allen Lund Company a third-party transportation broker, has worked with
shippers, growers and carriers across the nation to arrange the transport of dry, refrigerated
and flatbed freight. Specializing in perishable logistics, ALC moved over 400,000 loads in 2018
and continues to expand their footprint, opening new offices strategically located.

The newest service ALC has developed is a software solution, ALC TMS. "ALC TMS
was built from the ground up to manage the complexities of produce transportation, and we
welcome the opportunity to discuss all the features with our NWA partners...". Features
available to assist NWA members include spot bid, dock scheduling, load tracking and
numerous other options to make transportation a less stressful endeavor.

Additionally ALC provides to NWA members TAP (Transportation Association Program), which
Priority on providing capacity in tight markets
Lane analysis and reporting
Discount on live load tracking
Discount on ALC TMS
EDI 214 integration

Allen Lund Company (800) 404-5863 ALC TMS (800) 282-3246

Blue Book

Blue Book Services began in 1901 when former potato-shipper A.L. Baker decided to address a real need he saw in the fresh produce industry. Since the livelihoods of fruit and vegetable traders relied on highly perishable commodities, there needed to be a sound way for these traders to choose reliable trading partners and protect their credit extensions.

To address this, Baker and other founders created “Baker’s Potato Code,” based on the simple principles of honor, integrity and service. This later came to be known simply as “Blue Book.” Throughout Blue Book Services’ history, our associates have been committed to staying on top of the needs of the marketplace, as well as providing best-in-class credit rating and marketing tools.
Over a century later, the lumber and building material industry reached out to us with their need for a reliable way to protect their credit extensions. In 2009, we expanded and adapted our services to include these providers, committing to the same level of advantage and innovation.
As our mission statement communicates, we are committed to providing our customers with the best resources for their success. And for over 115 years, we have done just that.

Jeff Lair
Marketing Director
Phone: 630 668-3500, x. 726
Email: [email protected]

Highland AG

Highland Ag Solutions (HAS) is proud of our long-standing relationship with the NWA and state chapters. The HAS family, which consists of Highland Precision Ag, Highland Fresh Technologies and Coastal Ag Supply, is dedicated to providing growers with the tools and products needed to navigate through this new world of agriculture. The Highland Hub empowers growers to manage their food safety programs, review soil and water samples, follow recommendations, monitor weather stations and soil sensors, purchase crop protection products, nutritionals, shelf life extension products, equipment cleaning and sanitation solutions, and other supplies - all from their device. As the needs of our industry grow and change, HAS will be there every step of the way to keep growers connected, efficiently and securely.

Bristol Wells
Director of Marketing & Customer Experience

Email: bwells@HighlandAg.Com
Cell: 863.370.0360
Office: 863.844.4263