A Personal Invitation from our Executive Director

The upcoming national convention will undoubtedly be one to make history for the association, while it includes a change in leadership of the association as a retirement (and transition of leadership) will welcome a new leader that will steer the ship in the future to come. Additionally, it will be a time to celebrate, network, learn, and enjoy many things that the association staff has planned for our attendees.

All of this will lead us to a huge event that I invite you to attend and participate in with hundreds from our watermelon family.  And, it will be an opportunity to shake your hand and say ‘thank you’ for your support across the years, and introduce you to your new association leader.  Please make your plans today and come to Asheville.  The resort is ready; the NWA will be ready; all we need now is for you to make the arrangements to join us.  Here’s to hoping that we will see you next month in North Carolina up on Sunset Mountain.  Thank you.