How can we participate?

Registration forms

You can register for the full convention right HERE. Our discounted rates will run through February 3rd, 2023.  After that date, the discount will expire, and the full rate will take effect through the national convention.  Reserve your seat today for the next, great convention.


Banquet Only Registration From

Additionally, we have a registration form for those folks that cannot make it to the entire convention, but they wish to join us for the celebration at the Saturday evening Awards Banquet.  Click HERE for more information.



Let’s talk about how important our sponsors are to the NWA.  Here is the bottom line ……. Your support of our annually-recognized sponsor program allows us to do two things.  First, we are able to keep our convention registration fees at an industry-low while providing you with six (6) wonderful meals, hosted beverages, speakers and entertainment that should costs upwards of $200+ per person more. 

Second, we are able to expand critical programs such as research, food safety initiatives and more that help us to make positive differences in the livelihoods of our members.  That’s it in a nut shell. So, now that you know how important it is to us, help us by renewing your sponsorship for the coming year today.  And if you are not a sponsor yet, please join your colleagues and help us to help you.  You will have no regrets.

Also, we have one added feature this coming year.  If your company would like us to insert a sell-sheet or brochure into the convention registration bags, we are offering that opportunity to you for $500.  You provide the sell sheet or brochure, and we’ll do the rest.
2023 Sponsor Program


For our return to the annual convention in Asheville, we have Great News.  We will have up to 30+ table-top display areas in the best location we have ever had - - inside the ballroom itself - - where all of the main events are held. That will give your company more exposure than we have ever offered before, including Opening Night and all-day on Friday. It doesn’t get any better than this.  As a result, we expect to have a full sell-out of our exhibit spaces which range from single up to double spaces.  Secure yours today, and get in the big game with the NWA.  We cannot express to you how great this will be. Join us, and experience it with us. 2023 NWA Exhibits (form updated 11-2-22)

Raffle (ticket offer)

One of the fun events at our national convention is the annual raffle drawing.  Up to 150 tickets are sold ($100 each) for a chance to win $3000, $1500 or $750. Three lucky winners are selected at the closing reception on Saturday evening. If you would like to support this fundraiser and get your chance to win, contact Monica at (863) 619-7575 or email her at [email protected]. Or, you can visit Tami at the NWA convention’s registration desk, or at the annual auction. Take a chance - - you could be the next Big Winner!

Advertising (program book)

Our ‘print’ advertisements have been a standard-bearer at the national convention for decades, and provide a unique opportunity to make your company stand out amongst the rest by supporting the association while you promote your products and services. We have affordable rates available for the convention program beginning at $300 (Quarter-page), $400 (half-page) and $500 (full page) Ads.  Allow us to help you to show your support and promote your company to our members.  Support the Program.  You will be happy that you did. 2023 Conv Program and Vineline advertising

Auction Donations

On Friday afternoon the NWA will once again hold its annual watermelon auction, this time complete with watermelon loads, donated items, a vibrant silent auction, memorabilia, and more. If you would like to donate a watermelon load, or an item for the live or silent auctions, please let Monica in our office know as soon as possible. Your donations help us to create a fun, lively atmosphere at the auction, with the proceeds funding many important programs such as research, food safety and federal policy. If you would like to support this fundraiser contact Monica at (863) 619-7575 or email her at [email protected].